As The Fantasy Dies: “Panic Will Ensue”

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Who were the 12 tribes? You claim all this knowledge from reputable ‘scholars’. Yet, out of your mouth you say ‘they’ love to ‘confuse’ things. Who, then, is doing most of the confusing? Who has most of the money in the world? Jews? Nah, they are poor compared to Saudi Arabia. So, who’s left? Ah, the European Royals and their sycophants, the International Bankers, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs, hmm, don’t sound like Jews to me.

The Bible, even though a divided work, does have truth within it, especially the prophetic works. If they are from ‘God’, then, they MUST come true. What if, they already have?, but, our preachers were not at the ‘time of the end’? It is written, that all these words are for that time, or else… they’re interpretations are flawed.

The lesson of the Tens is curious. Since it aligns perfectly with the Rich White men who run the planet, and, with the Lost ten tribes… why did the ‘lost’ tribes not go back to Israel? Because they hated Judah, their arrogance and their god. And that’s pretty much the way its been since then. But the lost tribes, did not want to have any association with Israel, so they weren’t so much lost, as they were DELIBERATELY FORGETING…

The lesson of the Tens, shows that the Ten horns, ten toes, and ten virgins, are the White people of the Lost Tribes. The horns are the Shofars of the Leaders, the Toes divided by Iron mind and Sticky clay of emotions. Half and half, half ‘get it’, half don’t.

They, the leaders, have always hated Judah, and still do today, and promote the Confusion you are a victim of. They say the world is screwed up by the JOOS! And give ‘evidence’, most of which, is discredited in time. Having known one of these ‘controller’ types, those who have plans for our future NWO, he, was no jew, but, he hated them with a passion. Documents like ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, were plants, by people like these…

That is the root meaning extracting from prophecy, that we, Israel, the Ten, are the horns of money control, on the Beast of Government, ridden by the Harlot of blasphemy(the Churches). This is the Babylonian System; Money, Government and Religion, as One. We learned our lessons from the Elite of Babylon very well… all the empires of the Ten, have been ‘like Babylon, but not as good’. Thus the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, and the Revelation, harmonize perfectly, if seen properly. One interprets the other.

Interestingly, it has recently been shown to me, that the black horse rides, now. The riders of the Apocalypse, are the riders of paradigms. First the White horse of the Holy Roman Empire, the Red horse was the Kings and nobles, the third is the paradigm of false money; the ancient symbol for a banker is the balance… which, oddly, the clue in the next verse, is that money fails globally.

Then, the Pale Green horse rides. I have never heard this but, the word ‘them’ has been interpreted to mean all the horses ride at one time. When, if you read the Greek, ‘them’ applies only to the green horse, which is 25 percent of the Earth, and ‘worships death’…

There is only one ‘paradigm’ that applies to methinks; Islam. But, being pale, it could be joined with the greens, the communists, and others, which, we’re starting to see now. Total rejection and outright hatred of Christians, by their own ‘people’… while lifting up Islam, and giving them favors and they even get a ‘get out of Obama care FREE’ card… they have become the new darling of political correctness, things that make you go hmmm.

Are Jews evil? Not all, but they are rational and arrogant as a group, they accept no nonsense and they take care of their own, unlike us. Khazar, ashkenazi, potato-potatoe, all the races have been ‘mixed’ in the many generations since the beginning. Even us, but they have kept their culture intact for thousands of years, who else can say that?

We are divided by sense and nonsense because we do not use only our minds, we also think with our hearts(as well as other parts of our anatomy), and it is acceptable to ‘feel’ instead of ‘think’, thus iron divided by clay. This has even been codified into the two legs of the statue, the left and right. And we worship money above God, tell me I’m wrong… the PTB use this against us.

We are kept divided by religion, politics and money, the ‘sea and the waves roar’ in confusion, as we have become like sands on the beach in a ‘great nation and company of nations’, ala Abraham. It is a white man’s world, and what a mess we have made of it. But to ascribe all the problems of the world to the single tribe Judah? No, those who still believe that, are the ones who have drank the koolaide of the PTB, the Royal Families of Europe, who want their thrones back, and to keep us as their guard dog.

But we, the Ten tribes from the Caucus mountains(the Caucasians), have already found the New Land, and we had to ‘go into the wilderness, on the wings of a great eagle’, to escape the persecution of Rome… and we, the White race, run the planet… all ten tribes worth, from leaders to flunkies. Ultimately, we, the white race, is responsible for all the worlds problems. We love our money, and our leaders, ever since we rebelled against God and demanded a “king to rule over us” in the days of Samuel and Saul. How’s that worked out? Do we understand now, why God didn’t want us to have KINGS? President, is just another word for King.

When we look at prophecy in the context of ‘God’s Time, things look completely different, they look more like… history, and preachers have continuously gotten it wrong, for over a thousand years, and then just change their interpretations. But, it wasn’t time yet. Do we now move into the time of the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’, the time of ‘Jacob’s Trouble’? The signs are all there, especially the rise of ethnic trouble, anti Christian bias and Islam’s rise. And remember, its Jacob’s Trouble, not Judah’s, this implies all the tribes will suffer.

It is also curious to me, that we began entering a zone of ‘darkness’ at the Galaxies edge 12 years ago, and the direct center of this zone is 20 years from now. Which aligns perfectly with the death of the Messiah, exactly 2000 years, did the Catholics set even the Time wrong? We shall see if the true Millennium is our 2033.5. When, by then, preachers will have seen the fruit of science that has been seen in the last 100 years. A ‘great falling away’ of the Church, as knowledge conquers mystery, in a great spiritual evolution taking place. An evolution of knowledge over old superstitions.

At the end of it, the Revelation of John, (one of the two Gnostic works to survive in the Canon) is a message and a warning to the Churches, about the Revealing of the Knowledge of God, conquering the Mystery of God. That “the Mystery of God is finished…”. Only they have rightly or not so much, interpreted this to mean the second coming…(what some Gnostics call the 4th Advent) maybe, its the revealing of what the Church destroyed back in the beginning. The Heretic teachings of Jesus, called; The Gnostic works. The Divine Knowledge, revealed.

We believe, this to be true. That is the meaning of the Unified Field of God. An anchor to reality and the meaning of the lady with 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, while standing on the moon. The lady has a name, and her name was taught by the Messiah; Pistis Sophia, the Aeon(angel) of Wisdom, also called The Goddess, or member of the Elohim. The Elohim being, the family of God, the powers that helped create life itself, and man. Christ is the root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, what the Church called evil and that is why they will ultimately be destroyed.

Their primary doctrine of Mystery is antichrist, anti reason, and is a blasphemy, that keeps the people ignorant of the ways of evil, and divided in ‘submission to Godly authority’. But, I thought God said He didn’t want us to have Kings? This is the voice of the Babylonian mystery doctrine, codified in Rome, speaking to confuse you with divided doctrines… thus the Bible speaks with the voice of Babylon in Rome as well as God. It has darkness mixed with light, and serves the purposes of the Kings and Leaders, because Divided MYSTERY is more useful than Unified Knowledge.

And because there is no reconciliation with our souls, because we love gold, and leaders, we are rebellious in all our ways. And shall reap the rewards, the consequences of apathy, and doing nothing in the face of evil. Our cups of Karma are full to overflowing, and the Universe shall reap our justice upon us. The dark energy compression zone is here, the power of madness, chaos, confusion and Earth and Sun changes spread across the world and only those who love the Light of Divine Knowledge, The True Elect, shall survive until the Light from heaven shines on Earth, and our light joins with it, and there will be no more darkness on the Earth. This Event, a mass ascension of energy, under the Vesture Light of Messiah Christ, is the end result of evolution, spiritual evolution, our final destiny, to Know God.

And it won’t be just Christians… sorry.

But the JOOS being the cause of the worlds problems? Nah, look in the mirror.

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As the Fantasy Dies: “Panic Will Ensue”
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As the Fantasy Dies: “Panic Will Ensue”
As the Fantasy Dies: “Panic Will Ensue”
As the Fantasy Dies: 'Panic Will Ensue'
As the Fantasy Dies: “Panic Will Ensue”